We would remind operators that NZ Customs have instituted a new APIS notification system requiring a minimum of 48 hours prior notice of requests to operate to Non Customs Approved Airports. ie All airports other than Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Queenstown requires prior notice as Customs do not attend the airport all day. We are required to file full details of the aircraft, operator and crew and passenger passport details together with a reason why operations to the particular Non Customs approved Airport is requested.

NZ Customs will endeavour to meet such requests dependent upon staff resources and the nature of the flight. Full recovery of all Customs fee’s including travelling time will be levied for all such attendances. Approval may not be forthcoming and is entirely at the discretion of NZ Customs Service.

Urgent Medivac and organ retrieval flights will continue to receive priority for approval as in the past but details should be forwarded to us as soon as any emergency flight is planned.

Please phone our Customer Service Concierge Manager on +64-9 275-7167 or +64-274 823-802 for all queries regarding these operations.