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Air Center One International Aircraft Ferry Services

VHF: 131.7 mHz

Since 1973, Air Center One Flight Operations has safely completed many international aircraft ferry service flights across the Pacific and around the world.

In 43 years of international aircraft ferry service operations, Air Center One has also developed many longstanding relationships with other select ground handling agents and FBO’s who understand and share our level of service, client commitment and industry standards.

It is through these many longstanding relationships that we have developed our extensive and reliable ground handling network throughout the Pacific and Asia regions.

We know and trust these agents to support our international aircraft ferry service services.

When you need your aircraft delivered safely and promptly, Air Center One Flight Operations will take care of everything from acceptance, Titles, Insurance, supply and installation of approved ferry fuel systems, to long range HF communications systems and all documentation.

Air Center One International Aircraft Ferry Services

  • All inclusive quotes
  • FAA approved ferry systems
  • Highly qualified and experienced ATP rated ferry crews with specialised knowledge of oceanic and international flight procedures
  • Safe and reliable on time delivery schedules
  • Over 40 years of accident and incident free deliveries
  • Specialists in Trans Pacific/ SE Asia ferry operations.
  • Selection of aluminium hard tanks and ferry bladders available

Some of the many destinations Air Center One have made International ferry delivery flights to:

Australia, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Crete, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Muscat, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Mozambique, Seychelles, Maldives, Fiji, New Caledonia, Christmas island, Mexico, Belize, Panama , Peru, Argentina, Canada, Aleutian Islands, Midway island, Tarawa, Majuro, Guam, Peru, Chile, Hawaii, Bahamas, Muscat, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Pago Pago

Here are some of the aircraft we have ferried recently:


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VHF: 131.7 mHz